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For those of you who have lived under a rock, Bremen Sport Equipment was a Kit Car Company based out of Indiana. They came from humble beginnings and went on to be a pretty big deal in the kit car business. The founders were DeWayne Creighton and Omar Hostetter.

Bremen Sport Equipment started out selling dune buggies but eventually had a product line that included the Mini Mark, Maxi Taxi, The Creighton, Citation, and the Sebring.

Recently DeWayne’s Daughter posted a comment on the website and we were able to send her an email that she presented to DeWayne. My email revolved around one of those stories and “Selling Points” I have seen time and time again over the years in regards to the Mini Mark Kit Car. YES IT WAS A KIT CAR!!!

DeWayne was nice enough to let me know that just as the magazines and books of the day had written the Mini Mark was advertised and SOLD as a Turnkey or KIT option. Also I had to bust the bubble of people who seen on a website, that heard from a person, that heard from another person that there was not just 150 Mini Marks built. I was informed that although the did not keep good records the number was closer to 500 . Again in both KIT and Turnkey form.

And for those of you who are holding out hope that the molds for the Sebring might still be around…I hate to break it to you but the Sebring molds, as well as all the other ones were cut up and sent to a landfill.

Again all of this info is coming right from DeWayne himself. I am hoping I will get more detailed info soon as well as some photos .

You can check out the Kit Car Magazine “Readers Kits” to read about Harold who build several Mini Mark kits starting in 1976 and see some other advertisements that clearly offer them as kits.



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  1. Bret Williams says:

    I worked for DeWayne from 1977-1980 and you could never work for a finer man. Also worked with DeWayne Jr. who became President of an RV manufacturer, chip off the old block. Everyone there took pride in their work. Over the years I have seen a lot of kit cars and the workmanship at Bremen Sport was second to none.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Bret . Thanks for the comment on the website. You worked their so I guess you could verify that they did in fact sent out the Mini Mark in kit form (As DeWayne told me ) in pretty good numbers . Seems everyone with a Mini Mark thinks in a factory built car just because they read somewhere on the internet that it was.

      Thanks again

  2. Armand Di Nardo says:

    Are any of the fiberglass molds around any more ??

  3. Kent Kauffman says:

    Still drive the 1977 Maxi Taxi my father in law built. Just bought another Maxi Taxi. It’s in rough shape but plan to do a total restoration on it.

  4. Dean Baskett says:

    I need some bumpers for my Maxi Taxi. Do you know where I can purchase any? Any help would be appreciated. Mine are okay but just checking.

  5. D.L. (Buzz) Bazzell says:

    I have purchased a Maxi Taxi here in Kingman Az.. Didn”t know what it was at the time but really liked the fact that it had doors and looked like a Model A. The fellow I bought it from had not had it long and I am pretty sure he did not know either. I plan on spending money on it mechanically and cosmetically. I am going to keep it red, refit and re-hang the doors, add disc brakes all around, bump the 1600 engine up and add oil filter, new carpet and white tuck-n-roll interior. Just for starters. Looks good now and fun to drive!!! Need to find outside mirrors, shift knob (round & white), and white steering wheel.. Just for fun!!!

  6. william fry says:

    is there any place to buy parts for a mini mark. do not need much but would like to know if any parts are available

    • Donnie says:

      No there is no real parts available. But depending on the parts it may be something you can get used, or from a number of suppliers.

  7. Jon P. says:

    I have a Mini Mark that I am going to sell. It has been in storage for twenty-five years. Just cleaned it up, went through the fuel system and carb. The cosmetics are good for the age, interior is good. needs some chrome redo and basic mechanical work to get it on the road. Looking for a good as is offer.

  8. David says:

    Bonjour, je possède un véhicule inconnu.. Je pense que c’est un maxi taxi comment en être sûr ?
    Merci pour vos réponses

  9. bob woodbury says:

    l have # 17 Creighton car and wondering if there are any parts available for it?

  10. Dave Adams says:

    I have a maxi taxi trying to find out where the vin. Number was put on these so I can get a title for it can anyone help me out

  11. John says:

    Bob woodbury looking to purchase a craighton car can you you give me details and value thanks the car runs great but needs bumpers

  12. Jason Creighton says:

    I happened to stumble on this article and happy that I did. I’m DeWayne Sr.’s youngest son. I can 100% confirm that these cars, including the Mini Mark were absolutely available as both kit and turnkey. Makes me feel great to see the interest and appreciation for my family and our legacy.

  13. Donald Bazzell (Buzz) says:

    Well I have had my maxi-taxi repainted, re-upholstered, engine is new 1776 with 110 cam, recent tires, new stereo,and it is looking and running excellent. Now I have to sell it. I am in Kingman Az. .

  14. Michael says:

    You should be proud. I have recently found a 1967 Mini Mark and it has some front end damage and was wondering if there are ANY parts for this wonderful vehicle. I would love to fix it and get it back out on the road

  15. Michael says:

    I recently inherited the Maxi Taxi my father built when I was in grade school. The shell is in great condition but it isn’t running. Does anyone have an idea of the value of the shell? Is there a good place to resell? Thanks in advance!

  16. Felix says:

    Is there any wiring diagrams available for the 82 MiniMark on vw chassis?
    We have to redo it all but we can’t find any diagrams for the dash wiring..
    Anyone can help?

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