About C-F Enterprises California ACE

The C-F Enterprises California ACE MG Based Kit Car is a classic British sports car, straight from the glory days of European racing. Styled after the legendary AC Bristol Ace, the most beautiful production sports car of its generation. It is built on of the venerable MGB, combining the best of British style and engineering.

The AC Ace, introduced in 1953 at the London Motor Show, took the automotive world by storm. Built by AC(Auto Carrier) who 51 years earlier had been producing “motor cars of great ingenuity and technical merit” (Motor). The new car – named the ACE was about to become a dominant factor in European road racing.

For the next 9 years, the AC ACE dominated all competition. As a result, in 1960, it was moved up the the “D Production”. The ACE promptly won that class too!! The following year it was move up to “C Production”. Not the competition included Mercedes Benz 300SL, Ferrari GT, and Porsche Carrera. That year, 1962, the “C” class was one by Pierre Mion, in an AC ACE!!

By now, the ACE was generally regarded as the standard by which all other sports cars were judged. Yet, in its 9 years of production, only 732 were built. The few that remain on the road today give real meaning to the term “Legendary Classic”

The C-F Enterprises California ACE MG Based Kit Car was designed and built by Don Meyer. The engine and interior are original MGB. The outer body is a styling kit bonded to the original MG coachwork. The result is a vehicle that looks almost exactly like the AC Bristol ACE

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