Chapparal 2D 1966 replica (re creation)
Monocoque frame : steel-aluminium
Central structure : polyester
Interior : black and aluminium
Engine : Chevrolet small block 5.4l, 360cv with reinforced clutch and
4 genuine Weber 48 IDA carburetors
Gearbox : UN1
Wheels : 15”

This is not a Kit Car but a real reproduction entirely made by hand
over a long period by a passionate aficionado, from original drafts in
order to get as close as possible to the original car.
To my knowledge, there is no other copy or replica of this mythical
car that ran in the 66 Le Mans, and won the Nurburgring 1000 KMs at
the hands of Jo Bonnier (CH) and Phil Hill (USA).
It actually does not appear in the movie “ Ford V Ferrari ” and it is
a pity. (The replica of Miles “hero car’ in the movie sells now for
484.000 $).

Important : this car is to be finished.
Paint, transmission shafts, gear selector, electric system, rear
brakes (supplied), clutch control.
Brand new engine, needs to be started, setting/tuning to be done.
Estimated costs to finish the car : 18.000 GBP

Only health issues stopping me from driving this car are behind my
decision of selling this “old dream” of mine with great regrets.

The selling price takes in consideration building expenses, time,
research, as well as the extreme rarity of this car. It is to be
compared to the price of all the beautiful GT40, Lola T70, P4, Daytona
coupé or AC Cobra 427 which can be seen around.
$155,000 USD

Please Contact Henri at for additional information.