Check out this Cimbria  Kit Car for Sale. The Cimbria was a great looking kit car. It was part of the family (but not the same company) of kit cars like the Sterling, NOVA, Eagle SS, and so on. The Cimbria was the more aggressive looking of that line of kit cars if you ask me.

This one that we found on craigslist is in sad shape and is going to need a lot of time and money to get it back together. Here is what the seller has to say about the car….

For Sale is this Cimbria Kit Car. It does not run, but does have a Mazda rotary engine that goes with it. Does not have a Title. I have owned it since 2011 and it is exactly the way I bought it. I have decided to sell it, since I haven’t touched it in 4 years. Better to let someone else build it, than it sit around for another 4 years. The year listed in the details is a guess. I don’t know when it was manufactured.

It is a first generation body style.

I do have extra parts not pictured. If I can dig them out soon, I will add to photos. It is mainly the tail lights, door handles, side and rear glass, and interier panels. (No windshield)

It has been cut out in front trunk area for radiators since it had a Mazda water-cooled engine, and is plumbed to the back. The pan has also already been lowered as you can see in the picture.

It will need a lot of work, but will make on heck of a “Head Turner” when rebuilt.

I am asking what I have in it (just to break even). — $1700

As I said above this car is going to take a lot of time and money before it will see the road. The seller does not mention whether or not it has a windshield, or any of the glass. The last time we checked our friends over at National Sterling had info where the windshield could be purchased for about $1500 plus shipping. So for the asking price of this project kit car. Just something to consider before taking on a kit car project such as this.

Anyway this is one of those kit cars that you do not see everyday. We have an email for a complete one that is being sold for $12,000 with an olds v8 in it but we are waiting for additional photos. If you have money to burn this may be a project for you.