Cimbria Kit Car for Sale

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  1. Rich says:

    Always thought it was a sharp car. But the no title business can be rough depending where you live.

  2. Kent Abbott says:

    This car (Cimbria) may be removed and kept by seller. He had this one for sale and also a “Cimbria SS” too. I came to Scottsville, Kentucky from Bigfork Montana to buy his Cimbria SS, and looked over this (original Cimbria body design) parked just behind the Cimbria SS I came to buy. They are both neat cars, but I chose the bigger door SS model and the owner claimed he was going to keep and finish builing the one I didn’t buy. Anyway, working on molds with a glass company in Montana to make windshields for this car (the Cimbria SS) I bought. Using the measurements from my Mid Engineering V6 chassis under my Aztec 7 in the garage, I put chassis into 3D AutoCAD. I may make minor modifications to fit a newly built rear V6 transverse engine chassis under this Cimbria SS body. We’ll see where dreams and reality come together in the near future! 🙂
    Kent Abbott
    Bigfork, Montana

  3. george baker says:

    i dont know if this is still active address or not. If it is and do you still have the car. i would love to see a picture of the engine and do you have the manuel that shows how to put it together. i just bought one but have no paperwork tto follow on how to build it.
    thanks for your time
    george baker

  4. Preston Mason says:

    I have Nereia based car. Fully built. Space frame chassis, Chevy V8, AZ transaxle, custom interior, leather, roll-up windows, Vintage Air. Considering selling. Any interest.

  5. Ruth says:

    Hi I have a 1970 kit car as ss clmbrlm I will like to know how much does it work

  6. Scott McKinley says:

    I’ve got a Cimbria body (only) that I was planning on working on but can never find the time. It’s just the body (and doors) so I can see trying to sell it. How could I spread the word to Cimbria owners (or wanna be’s), that I am willing to give this away?

  7. Mario says:

    Preston Mason is it still for sale?

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