Classic Motor Carriages Corportate Headquarters

This place was huge. 160,000 square feet of kit car building bliss. It had a 45 foot steel tower with a rotating platform that displayed cars. What a sight that must have been in person. Anyone out there have any real photos of the building?

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  1. ERIC L says:

    Hello from France
    I bought a 356 speedster built by CMC and in order to get “french paper” to be on the road I need to provide information
    Do they still have record as to when car was built providing the serial number

    When did they start and closed business?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Eric,

      Classic Motor Carriages started sometime in 1978 and closed in 1994 after the Florida attorney General filed lawsuits against them. They eventually opened up again as a company called Street Beasts selling just hot rods but that company was also shut down in 2010. I tried during the bankruptcy auction to try and secure any information that had but nobody would return my calls or email.

      Please send us over a few photos of your car using our contact form. We would love to see them and add them to the site.


  2. Charlie Kaufmann says:

    Hi from Switzerland.
    I have a similar registration problem here in Switzerland. I would need the production date for the “Classic Gazelle” with the ID No. B11392. Do I have a chance to get a document which proves this?
    I got this Volkswagen conversion from my old uncle in Oklahoma and shipped it to Europe.
    I would appreciate a positive answer very much.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Rick says:

    What is in the building now and what is the address of the building. If I’m ever in Fargo I would drive by.

  4. Wolfgang says:

    Great photos. I ordered my CMC Speedster Nov ’89. Ha, still working on finishing it! I might qualify for the longest build time. Any photos with Speedsters in them?

  5. ERIC L says:

    Hi guys, I am selling my 356 Speedster by CMC. Only 4500 miles.
    Red with black interior and top + tonneau
    Dual port 1600cc. 4 Disc brakes. Fun to drive
    Bought new [old] toy
    Email if you need photos.

    • Farmer says:

      I would be interested in seeing the pictures of the 356. WOuld be more interested in a “C” version if that is the way this one was configured.


      • Bern Juracka says:

        I’ve got a CMC Speedster C that I’m in the process of putting up for sale. It’s black and has a CB Performance 2110 cc engine (rated at 150 HP)with dual Weber carbs. It was built in 2000-2001
        I bought it from the builder in 2004. It’s got 3040 miles on it.
        I use it mainly for parades and rallys.
        The car (and me) are in north central AZ.

    • Mike says:

      nterested in pictures of 356, asking price, and location to see.


    • Donald Webb says:

      I have a speedster as well i want to sell same as yours but the engine is a race engine 1776 cc 40 inch webber carbs . torbo muffler . i don’t know what to ask for it don web 242 202-8762


    We need parts for a 56 Porche Roadster 727 515 2858 DAN

  7. Jim teach says:

    I have a CMC 34 Ford coupe. It has a number of 1515. Is there any way of telling what year the kit was built. Thank’s Jim

  8. Don W says:

    I have a Classic Motor Carriages Kit Car 1928 Mercides. 85% Completed mostly electrical yet to go. Any one interested?
    Don W

  9. jay l says:

    need finish parts for cmc cobra. any ideas where to look. thanks jay l

  10. Gene says:

    I used to work there. I did cold calling telemarketing & inbound calls also. It was our job to try & get a $3500 deposit on kits. I figured that they ran the company into the ground & kept all the deposits.

    • I worked there and was the top salesmen for 10 years , wow time flys , then worked for street beast til they went under ,

      • Donnie says:

        Thats pretty cool Jerry. I was eying some of the street beast stuff during the auction but did not end up jumping on anything. I noticed in some of the photos there were a set of molds for what looked like the old CMC 959 kit, and also a unbuilt gazelle. Any idea where all that stuff ended up going ?

        • Charly says:

          Hi Donnie,
          Do you know how much the Mercedes Gazelle kit sell for $.. be fore they went out of business? I am looking for an ads that have the sell price but, can not get one.

      • Charlie says:

        Would you have any idea where I could find serial number on 1929 Gazelle. The serial number I have on registration is PC 00506 Would you know what year it was made. Suppose to be factory built ???
        Thank You

        • Donnie says:

          Unless you have the original paperwork you will never know what year it was built, or even if it was factory built. If it was factory built I would assume it would have been titled before. I have seen the data plates on the “Firewall” area of the car . Open up the front and look for a CMC data plate.

  11. ray says:

    I need brown upholstry for a 1929 gazell kit car , any one know where I can find it ?

  12. Charly Vang says:

    How can we get body parts for the 1929 Mercedes Gazelle?

  13. Anyone wanting information on Classic might try to contace Curt Scott, publisher of KIT CAR GUIDE and other things associated with kits. He sued and was sued by Classic.

    Curt is a good guy, but He has nothing good to say about them, but he might have some contact information. He wrote several op-eds blasting CMC’s dirty business practices and for the horrible quality of their products.

    I wish you lotsa luck in finding any replacement parts for ANY CMC kits.

  14. Michael says:

    I have a 1979 Classic Motor Carriages 1929 Mercedes Gazelle 2 door fully complete and restored. Its red in color,with black color fenders.Authentic badges around the grill.Nice rims with new tires all around,and rear spare.The vehicle comes complete with original owners manual.Enjoy driving it,but have now decided to move on to another kit car. Interested buyers can reach me at 520-272-3229,or email me at :

  15. karen Rolfes says:

    My Dad bought a Cobra kit car in late 90s from CMC. Hasnt been put together, we have all of the parts including 302 engine. I have an owner of local Ford store interested in buying it, any idea of what it would be worth? He put in about $18K before he passed away.

    • Donnie says:

      Unfortunately is does not matter how much money he put into it. Sad reality is CMC churned out so many cars and their build quality was hit or miss. I know you have probably heard this before but its only worth what the end user will pay for it. I have seen completed cobra kits sell for as little as $18k in the past that needed nothing more then some paint and your choice of wheels.

    • sonny says:

      you will not get 18k for the cobra kit I just picked up one for 2k with rebuilt eng. and trans.

  16. Dan Schumer says:

    I just buoght a 1990 Gazelle at the First Annual Corvette Vintage Car Auction. I am the third owner. The car has 2300 miles on it. I beleive it is a factory built car by Classic Motor Carriages Inc. Does any one have records of their built cars?

    • Donnie says:

      Hey there,

      You will never find any records on their builds. CMC closed down years ago and unless the records are in a barn somewhere after all of the trouble they got in, they are long gone

      Thanks for writing

  17. Steve Barusso says:

    I have almost bought a kit car,a 34 Ford roadster from a person who has one that is for sale, it suppose to have all the runing gear and all parts to complete the entire build.
    My question is it has a title showing it as a 1990 therfore does it have to have all emissions and air bag installs to register once completed? I am from Massachusetts. And i think it does in this state. Would I be wise to stay away from this, after reading all the class action suits against cmc/street beasts hot rods, which is what this kit car is from?/

  18. CM says:

    I have an un-built CMC 1934 Ford Coupe. It was purchased in 2001 and other than being uncrated nothing no work was done to it. It is located in central New Jersey. Please contact me if you might be interested in purchasing it. Thank you.

    • Franco says:

      Hello!!you can send me the photos are interested.

      • E Johnson says:

        I too have an unassembled CMC 34 Coupe. It is still in the crate and was purchased in 1992. My husband recently passed away and I am trying to sell it.

      • CM says:

        Hi Franco,
        Thank you for your interest. I am sorry for the delay in responding. I do have some mediocre photos but do not know how to send them without an email address. I understand if you do not want to post yours here, just as I do not want to, but do you know of some other way to send a message to each other privately via this site?
        Thank you.

    • Sylvio says:

      Just saw your posting I too am in central jersey please email me back if u still have the 34 I’d like to look at it

  19. Mike says:

    In 1994 bought the 34 rag top..Took three years to get some of my parts..Never put it together..Lost intrest close to 13.333.00..Was part of a class action Many of us sued…years later got back only $750.00 Sold the damn thing for $2500.00 still in the box.

  20. Silvio says:

    Hi, I just found out old catalogues of CMC that I’d asked 30+ years ago. If anyone is interested, I can send them.

    • I would love it !!!! I am taking delivery of a 66 cobra replica this week!! And its a CMC!!! Bought on ebay out of Fl. Would love to chat if you want . Cell is 508-864-4083

      • Drew says:

        I have a CMC cobra I bought from that building in 1991. I got everything in the kit. I finished the car except for paint and rubber seals in 1996. Put in a 429. Runs 10.1 in 1/4 mile and top speed is 155 mph at Sebring raceway. Have 3500 miles on it. Don’t use the suggested donor steering column, instead get one from Shell Valley. Also, Factory Five has some good parts for the rear if using the 8.8 rear. Don’t drive it much anymore since I got a Ford GT in 2004.

    • Ed Souza says:

      Hi Silvio,
      I need the Assembly Instructions for a CMC 34′ Coupe.
      Please let me know if you have.
      Thanks in advance.

      • john smarsh says:

        i just picked up a 34 classic complete kit car, it was purchased in 8/31/88 i have the assembly book and also looking to sell my 34 if any interest on buying the whole package

  21. Mike says:

    I worked at both CMC (1986-1993) and Streetbeasts (2007-2009) as a prototype car builder and built at least one of every kit they built during that period including ones very few people have ever seen, like their 911 to 959 conversion.

    Besides building cars I also worked for a short period of time returning technical calls.

    I am actively looking for kits that people want completed and have the skills and the knowledge to complete them.

    I also would like to find on brave soul with a Classic 34 Cabriolet that would like a 34 Woody built it, especially if you did not receive all your parts.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Mike,

      The comment section is not generally for advertising services but I will let it go for now.

    • Gary Holt says:

      Hello Mike, I have a 1988 Tiffany and absolutely love it. I also have an original Tiffany brochure I keep in the back seat. It is not a kit car and I was wondering if you were involved in building these cars. I am not aware of any Tiffany car clubs and was hoping you might know if one exists. I would enjoy hearing some stories about what it was like to work at CMC.

    • Raoul Chalifoux says:

      I have a cmc cobra kit # D0368 built around 1993. Having suspension issues and would love to have you chat with my mechanic and maybe help us figure out whats wrong.

    • Charles Estess says:

      Hey Mike, looking at a ’66 Street Beast Cobra…any thing good to say about it?

      • Donnie says:

        Nothing good to say about Street Beasts. Look for a Factory Five and save headaches

        • Ken says:

          Hello Mike, I bought a 41 willy street beast from someone that didn’t have the skills to do. After 2 years I finally got the body right. This was the worst kit in the world. I’m now looking at a 34 ford by classic motor carriages. Looks good on by the photos but will this be a nightmare like the street beast

    • Rick Rogas says:

      Mike I have a CMC 356 Speedster still in the crate just getting ready to start putting it together. Can you help where are you located call me.

      Rick 702-491-6666

    • Marty Samwel says:

      Where can I source window hardware parts for the ’33 Vicky?

    • Dave Campbell says:

      My name is Dave and I just bought a Gazelle.wondering if I can put a 2005 Jaguar frame motor suspension ect.on it..I would love some input and I would consider hiring it done is in Vegas Im in Texas and Vegas let me know.I want this for myself

      • Donnie says:

        Hey Dave. Im not sure what you are asking. Do you want to take a Gazelle Body and put it on a Jag Chassis? If thats the case I am sure with the right amount of money and time you could. But I would have to ask why? They are not very good bodies to start with, and it would require a WHOLE lot of work.

    • Vasily says:

      Hello Mike. Need help in finding Assembly Manual for CMC cobra. Would you know anybody or anyplace I can get one? Open to any good advice and suggestions.
      Thank you.
      Vasily 603-785-7888

  22. Frank says:

    Hello everyone, and can know the precise number of the car built cmc Destiny Convertible and cmc Tiffany.

  23. Raoul Chalifoux says:

    Having suspension issue with my cmc cobra. Anyone out there know anything about them?

  24. bILL says:

    BILL 773-340-6909

  25. VAN DER BORGHT says:

    Can you help me to find the original documents for Belgium?
    I have a car with id number B7969

    • Donnie says:

      Hey there. As I said via email you cant get the original documents. The company has been closed down since the 1990s. Any records they may have had are long gone by now.

  26. VAN DER BORGHT Cyrille says:

    Hey there! I have a Gazelle,but the original customs document is lost.I need a copy from this or a proof of construction year of this car.The engine is a Ford Mustang,6 cyl. Id picture B7969.
    Can you help me?

    • Donnie says:

      Hi there,

      It seems I have been getting a lot of emails like this lately that all revolve around CMC cars. I hate to break it to you but the company was shut down by the Florida Attorney General back in the 1990s . There is NO way to get these type of documents anymore. There is just no way to do this.

  27. Hi Admin,
    I have the following problem. I sold one of these Speedster to a customer of mine in Germany.
    Germany what it is, TUEV wants to know the specifics of the Fiberglass. Is there anything you could
    do for me.

    • Donnie says:

      Hi Frank . I believe I have emailed back and forth with the person in regards to this issue. Unfortunately there is just no way to tell what resin, fiberglass, gelcoat, etc they used on the body.

      The classic Motor carriages/fiberfab company was put out of business in the mid 1990s .

      I wish I could be of more help

  28. Wolfgang Dieter says:

    Any idea of how many CMC Classic and California Speedster did CMC produce in their hay-day? There are no serial numbers cast into the bodies. Even the Certificate of Origin doesn’t see to have a sequential build number.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey there. In their hay day CMC was doing in excess of $20,000,000 per year in sales. The gazelle was most likely their top seller followed by the Porsche replicas. I do not have exact numbers but it would be safe to assume that it is in excess of 10,000

  29. Bill Gray says:

    I am in possession of a CMC speedster ID# S2162; do you have any info on this unit?

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Bill. All of the Documents that had to do with CMC were kept for 7 years and then destroyed. I found this out during a call with the former owner of the company.

  30. Joe Elkins says:

    I own a 33 classic Vicky. Radiator died. It was listed as a Ford Economy radiator CMC Part No. 26-0042-00. I am having trouble finding what it was originally out of. I would like to put a new one in in lieu of having it recored. It looks like a Murray Heat Transfer product, but may be obsolete? Any help identifying it would be appreciated. By the way, I was part of the class action lawsuit and received nada in restitution. Luckily 25 years ago I received all the crappy parts, after much hounding and was able to finish it. It still turns heads, but beauty is only skin deep.

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