Continued work on the EXP Speed 8

Back in April I posted about Joe’s Bentley EXP Speed 8 replica. He’s recently written me with an update on his project:

I have just “finished” my Bentley Replica Exp, as I promised you that I will update the pictures of process. Here they are.

It’s not yet very beautiful body because it’s made from metal but we will make it smooth when we make the kit. I don’t actually want to copy that 2003 Bentley Exp exactly, but want to make my own design to fit a Beetle chassis. I will develop the body design after I finish this car, and will offer the fiberglass body for under $3000 (nice price, isn’t it), as it has a large body (2000mm x 4800mm x 1100mm – 78″ x 189″ x 43″).

The pictures show a still unfinished shape, and there are so many works to do: air scoop, tail, plexiglas, paint and so on. This is my first kit car project, and I had no experience on this field, please write me if you are interested or have advice.

joe1.jpg joe2.jpg joe3.jpg

If you’re interested in the project, have advice for Joe, or might be interested in a body when he’s got a final product (FOB Sofia, Bulgaria) can write him at

Also, sorry everyone for not posting here more lately. For the few of you who read my personal blog, you may have seen that I’ve been occupied with hosting the BMEfest party in Toronto, but that’s done so I’ll try and squeeze in some more time for PoHT.

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  1. HarryCaine says:

    The EXP Speed 8 metalbody looks very nice,the fiberglass body will be sold
    immediately after finishing.I´m from Germany-Hamburg and dream from my own kitcar project of an Audi R8(Le mans) in a street version,based on a vw as well.If you have finished the car,could you send me some pic´s??Maybe you can sell it here in Germany

  2. joelee says:

    the fibreglass body is working on progress. designed for special modified (mid -engine) VW chassis.
    Harry, would u leave a email address?

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