Corbett VW Based Lamborghini Countach Kit

Now, it’s not quite as aesthetically troubling as Lars’s DIY Lamborghini Countach, but I remember looking at the ads for Corbett Motor Cars’ Lamborghini Countach kit for the VW Beetle as a kid and thinking about converting the family car, but not being able to accept how poor a replica it was… It’s my feeling that if you’re going to do a replica, that you should go accurate, and if you’re not willing to do that, you’re better off creating an original exotic design instead of just doing something that any kid will recognize as a cheap copy. Cheap? There’s at least $13k in this car so far, with quite a bit of work still needed… Frank just sold it for a friend in Connecticut.

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  1. Brandt says:

    Does anybody have any more images of the Corbett VW-based Countach kit, or any leads on one for sale?

  2. mac says:

    i hve a yellow corbet countach 4sale in pa looks nice custom top is removeable callby phone if interested about 25 k or bo 5709292454 after 100 pm

  1. June 22, 2008

    […] and had to mention it. I’d say this easily out-uglies the simplified Countach, the Corbett Countach, and the recently posted British pseudo-Countach (and other oddballs like this DIY supercar). With […]

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