Dax-era Kamala Kit Car

I really think the old Kamala kit (originally by Dax, and later by a new company, Kamala Cars, that deserves to be slapped for the grotesque Kamala Futuro they created) is amazing, and wish it had been more of a market hit… It’s a daring (and I think successfully executed) piece of design work, that on a Ford V6 could do 0-60mph in under four seconds and surpass 160mph (450BPH per ton or more).

Anyway, my old friend David Betts was able to take this one out for a week long review drive while they were still being made by Dax (this is a first generation car). Here’s some more photos of it that he took:

kamala-8.jpg kamala-7.jpg kamala-6.jpg kamala-5.jpg kamala-4.jpg kamala-3.jpg kamala-2.jpg kamala-1.jpg

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  1. decode says:

    dreams come true…

  2. mark andrew of portugal says:

    An original British kit car that has the looks of a recent new Lotus sports cars with the shape of a wedge looking car. Virtualy any 4 cylinder donor car mechanicals can be used on the Kamala say the makers of it. Many are already on the road and they can be homebuilt or can be made at their Harlow Essex factory where each car is handbuilt there. At least its not a rubbish replica like many are around today in England and USA.

  3. colleen says:

    my dad has a kamala in candy apple red my dad has the best kamala around their is onli 7 kamalas in the world the car goes 0_60 in 3 seconds its 600bhp he has souped up the engine to a v8 this kamal is the best u can get up to 200mph we have a bilt in tv and dvd player also a boom box built in behind the seats this is a rel boys toy but im lucky enough to have 1 xxx

  4. Don Lanham says:

    You say that there are only 7 in the world? I’m one of the people who should have got one as I think they are fantastic. Now I look for unwanted kits but Australia is a long way from where they are made.

  5. Niko says:

    kamala means horrible in finnish. the car is nice

  6. Bruce Mitchell says:

    Hi , ive just bought a Kamala and would like any info on these cars.
    Please get back to me on 07733075033

  7. Ian says:

    I own one – there are more than 7 in the world, the company built a few more than that (at least basic kits) but not That many more. Mine is Chassis 28 and original from DAX before they sold it. 600bhp? Possibly, but I doubt it. The Ford V8 wouldn’t fit in it (and i’d know, I built one) the biggest engine that went in was the Mondeo / Ford V6. Mine is a 300bhp Cosworth Turbo and is currently rotting in the garage, i’m afraid to say 🙁 Soon it will be back on the road though, i’m determined!

    • taylor says:

      hi ian i know its a long time ago but did you get arownd to restoring your kamala as i would be interested in byeing it ither way . regards bruce

  8. rizzo gianluca says:

    Hi! i live in italy and i have a black kamala with Cosworth engine,the color is black with many customization for info and curiosity with fan and other owner write me,Gianluca Rizzo

  9. rizzo gianluca says:

    Hi! i live in italy and i have a black kamala with Cosworth engine,the color is black with many customization for info and curiosity with fan and other owner write me,Gianluca Rizzo

  10. rizzo gianluca says:

    Hi I forget! My Email Is gymclubge@libero.it

  11. rizzo gianluca says:

    Hi I forget! My Email Is gymclubge@libero.it

  12. Steve says:

    Hi. I have a silver Kamala. A Dax Model No. 30, and I think it was the last to come from DJ Sports before they sold the project to the bunch of donkeys who currently own it.

    I can say I have only ever seen one bad example of this car from the original Dax group, and I cant for obvious reasons say who it was.

    Mine also has TV/DVD etc., as well as proximty alarms and full VOX system. The car is based on a Cosworth Silver Top and has a full race spec computer system. The interior was build by a Rolls Royce specialist in full black leather and carbon fiber.

    • Chris says:

      Based in the UK, looking for a Kamala, any examples up for sale, any condition considered.

    • Chris B says:

      30 wasn’t quite the last to come from DJ – I have no. 33 which I’m fairly certain was the last, as I had to get most of the bits of the kit from the new people (which actually all worked out OK).
      It’s yellow with a 270bhp red-top Cosworth.
      I’d love to convert it to be electric, with better performance, but that’s too expensive for the time being!

      Sadly my car has been off the road for the 6 years since I had children, but it’s still basically in working order.

      Hopefully 2016 will be the year I get it going again 🙂

  13. Wayne mason says:

    Hi there the comment from colleen is wrong I’m her dad and I have a cosworth red top with 4*4 exhaust ? And t4 turbo running grey injectors about 550 brake with centre gear change in candy apple red,all I need is some new doors as I cracked the old ones but where can I get them from any help would be appreciated my email is waynemason17@hotmail.co.uk

  14. Lee Cooke says:

    Would anyone know where to purchase one of these today?

    • Donnie says:

      Good luck! Not something you will usually find for sale. If you do they are big money

    • Ian says:

      I have one, it’s number 27 and i’m trying to get it back on the road, i’d love to get the replacement front and rear light clusters as the original ones weren’t very good – any help would be brilliant


      I have got a set of patern moulds for the windows. I could either lease them or sell them. May also consder selling my yellow and black Futura with 345BHP Cosworth Red Top engine, yellow carbon fibre Race seats custom built black upholstery and embossed in head reat in yellow GTR
      Private Registration G7 RRR

      • Robert Spranger says:

        Dear Howard-
        received your mail but was unable to reply to your adress. Please use different Email account. Like your Futuro a lot.

  15. Kai Restlaune says:


    I fell in love with the Dax Kamala in 2001 but family duties forbid a purchase back then. Now that I have seen one on the road 3 weeks ago I am determined to intensify my search.
    If you consider selling your precious please drop me a line: kai.restlaune@gmail.com

    I am located in Berlin,

  16. Kai Restlaune says:

    Anybody aware of a Kamala owner who considers selling?

    Please contact kai.restlaune@gmail.com.

    Thanks a lot.

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