I just got an update on the progress of this great new kit car. From what I am being told progress is moving along nicely. What you see here is the 2nd prototype of the Chevy Colbalt Powered DF Goblin kit car. This thing is as wild as can be. I have said it in a previous post, this is one of the best kit cars I have seen this year. Between the Goblin, the Widow SP1, and the Factory 5 818 my faith is being restored in this industry.

Check out this video from the track day they just did and tell me you would not want this…

I understand that the idea of using a cobalt as a kit car donor may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But these guys have got it right. We need more of this in the kit car industry. We need companies like this that can and do think outside of the box. With all the fiero based Lambos, Ferrari’s , and other kit cars that people spend boat loads of money on and never complete, its about time there are a few companies out there that understand the way to get people to buy is for builders to be out there driving. You have to have your cars being built to create buzz and more importantly a market.

Adam from DF tells me these cars will be shipped out in stages. With the first stage buyers will get the frame, fuel cell and a few other items so  customers can install and crank up their engines.  They will then receive the body panels and whatnot. My personal taste is that I would want everything at one time, but this might work for some builders.

They have opened up the ordering on their website, and according to Adam they have even sold a few over the past few days. This is good news for this new company. We really do wish them the best of luck and we cant wait to see a few of these completed and on the road.

Here are a few photos to get your hearts racing! . Check out www.dfkitcar.com for more infomation