DIY Batmobile 1/2

When I was a kid we had a Plymouth Fury with a 440 in it. After my parents retired it to one of the fields of our farm, I got it in my head that I wanted to convert it into a Tim Burton-era batmobile… Unfortunately I discovered that my brother and his friends had previously gotten high and decided to smash it to bits with a sledgehammer, so that project didn’t get far. Up on eBay right now are a pair of DIY batmobiles that are both pretty crazy looking…

In this post, Alan ( is selling this one for a friend of his (#290253605530). It’s built on a shortened S-10 chassis with a Buick V6 and a Turbo 350 transmission. The car was built by Bud Holmes in Cleveland, TN (apparently known as “Bad Bud” locally). It runs well but needs a lot of work to finish… I have no doubt that their claim that the car “blows peopls minds” is true… It’s completely kooky!

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