The laser 917 kit car is one of those cars that I have always had a fondness for but was never able to convince myself that I loved one enough to own. In the case of the laser 917 I would have to go all out and make it perform like it looks. A vw engine would just not cut it im afraid. A big V8 and I am all

Anyway I found this laser 917 today while browsing eBay. The sellers writes in his auction that the car has had a ground up restoration including engine, pan, wiring, paint, wheels, tires, lights, seats, etc. The only thing that screams to me that it still needs some attention is the interior. Well what I can see of it. The dash shot does not look like something that was totally redone, at least not a quality job.

So what do you think? Worth the $8000 BIN or just wishful thinking?