eBay Laser 917 kit car

The laser 917 kit car is one of those cars that I have always had a fondness for but was never able to convince myself that I loved one enough to own. In the case of the laser 917 I would have to go all out and make it perform like it looks. A vw engine would just not cut it im afraid. A big V8 and I am all in..lol

Anyway I found this laser 917 today while browsing eBay. The sellers writes in his auction that the car has had a ground up restoration including engine, pan, wiring, paint, wheels, tires, lights, seats, etc. The only thing that screams to me that it still needs some attention is the interior. Well what I can see of it. The dash shot does not look like something that was totally redone, at least not a quality job.

So what do you think? Worth the $8000 BIN or just wishful thinking?


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  1. Rick says:

    Lasers have always tempted me as well until I actually sat in one. Geez… less room than my Sterling and I was hitting my head on the door getting out. Dropped pans are a necessity that you never see on these cars. Interesting, but definitely needs the right owner to purchase.

  2. bats says:

    As you guys know I just sold my laser, a one of a kind “D” body with custom full frame running the VW suspension, still in “project” mode.
    I have also used both an Avenger and Sterling as daily drivers,
    My Laser had worlds more room than my Sterling due to a full 5 inch drop on the full floor, it had storage behind the seats the Sterling lacked.
    The Laser had four body styles throughout the years, the “D” of course being the best and most refined, the cars suffered from design flaws, the rear if not supported would sag this was made worse when the owners replaced the factory gas tank with their own ideas,
    The seats are like a Sterling, very laid back, pretty much laying down while you drive, these cars have poor rear and side vision.
    The Laser is to me is the most radical looking of all the VW based kit cars, they really do look like they slipped off a track, too bad another flaw is that any thing other than a small rear engine requires hacking the body all to hell and loosing some cockpit space, but that is the same with the Sterlings.
    The cons added up to why I sold mine and bought a Valkyrie.
    This laser is pretty ( if you like the wasp-ish paint ) and he should talk to mclapp1@att.net Mark Clapp to get windows and covers.
    But I would believe 8 K for this car is out there,
    On the other hand for whatever reason most Lasers are hack job messes so ones like this and the one I sold stand out and tend to get higher dollars than Say Sterlings and Avengers.

  3. I have 2005 Harley Springer Softail Show condition, can’t ride any longer due to damaged hand but bike is custom paint, pipes and beautiful. Cost me $20.000, put in $2.000 paint $1.100 pipes and plenty of chrome. Want to trade for a 917 lazer?..yours for mine. 661-765-2251 California Taft. Call me or email thanks.

  4. Kevin says:

    They’re putting the Subaru H6 & H4 engine in the VW vans with a bus transaxle then you got speed , heat & ac . I have one just like that for over 20 years so much out there for cars now it’s a good time to build one . I wish I didn’t have to sell mine it like losing a old friend .

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