FiberFab Avenger EV-Conversion

Tim Drager, an electrical engineer from Pottstown, PA, spent about $20,000 and 200 hours — a remarkably fast built on some levels — converting his 1971 Fiberfab Avenger into a plug-in electric vehicle. He’s driven it about 5,000 miles so far, and is selling it to support his new habit, a 1967 Cessna Turbo 210 aircraft.

With electricity at $.08 per KWH he figures it gets the equivalent of about 120mpg. It’ll do over 80mph (100-200hp equivalent — an ADVANCED DC #FB1-4001A — mated to the standard 4-speed VW transmission), and 0-60 in about 10 seconds. Range is between 100 miles and 30 miles depending on your driving habits, and it takes four to ten hours to charge on household voltage (Rudman PFC-20B system). Accessories are standard 12V, and the driveline is 144V DC at 500 amps. It’s got four-wheel disc brakes, door poppers, gauges, two sets of tires, and more.

Minor work is needed, including an oil change, dealing with some rattling, the interior, paint, corrosion treatment, sealing (you can run it in light precipitation, but for all-weather use some work needs to be done), and the headlight switch should be replaced. Minor trim should be fixed (as you can see in the picture of the headlight covers and steering wheel), but all-in-all, this has the potential to be an award winning vehicle. It also comes with the development laptop that interfaces to the vehicle. Tim describes it at present as an “amateur-built engineering prototype in drivable condition.”

If you’re interested in the car, it’s up on eBay right now (#140248875246) with an asking opening bid of $14,950, and Tim can be reached by email at (tech support comes with the car of course). The car is currently located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Alexander smith says:

    I wnt the car bt dont have the money right now was wonderin if i could just pay you in months like 1000 a month thn u could get more cause of intrest and i can get the car

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