Fiberfab Inc. History

Fiberfab Inc was formed and Incorporated in 1964 by Warren “Bud” Goodwin. From 1964-1969 they developed an marketed four different models, to fit the TR3, Austin Healey, VW, and a chassis to utilize V8 components. Peak sales volume was approaching $2,000,000 . In September of 1969 founder Bud Goodwin passed away.

From 1969-1971 Fiberfab Inc was tied up in estate and was on the verge of going under. In 1971 a former plant manager and eastern distributor joined forces and salvage key molds, and started to turn the company around.

In 1974 a Pennsylvania corporation, A.T.R. Inc. acquired ownership of the Fiberfab Co.

Three new models were introduced, bringing the line to 9 models with approximately 30 different power plant options. At the time they were developing other chassis applications as well as working with several organizations to develop battery powered, electric drive vehicles. They were also reworking some of the older models to simplify the assembly process.

Combined sales volume of parent and subsidiary Fiberfab was expected to be $12,000,000 to $15,000,000 for the 1976-1977 year.
In 1981 Fiberfab’s largest competitor, Classic Motor Carriages purchased the company and renamed it Fiberfab International. At that time they ceased production of all sports car models and promoted/sold the Classic Motor Carriages vehicles under the Fiberfab International brand.

Fiberfab Models

Fiberfab Inc. developed and sold several models through the company history. Here is a list of the vehicles that were available during the time Fiberfab Inc was in business.

  • Aztec
  • Aztec 7
  • Avenger GT/Valkyrie
  • Banshee/Caribee
  • Bonanza GT
  • Bonito (UK)
  • Centurion
  • Clodhopper
  • Jamaican
  • Liberty SLR
  • Migi
  • Run-A-Boat
  • Scarab STM
  • Vagabond

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