This could be a decent deal to the right person . This Fiberfab Valkyrie Project Car For Sale is being offered on craigslist for $2750. I have been watching it for some time now and the price has been lowered a few times.

Fiberfab Valkyrie Project Car For Sale

The Valkyrie is on of the more desirable kit cars that Fiberfab offered. Unlike its little brother the Fiberfab Avenger, the Valkyrie had a tube chassis and allowed for various engine options. Over the years I have seen engines from the Corvair to Small blocks. The kit allowed for a bunch of options.

According to the listing this car was complete at one time but was taken apart. Included in the sale is a corvair engine, chassis, body, etc. What it does not have is any door glass. In theory if it was all put together right the first time it should go back together relatively easy. But then again you know how kit cars go.

Even though the Fiberfab Valkyrie is more desirable than the Avenger they really do not seem to do very well as far as resale value goes (just like the Avenger) There have been a 1-2 rare circumstances where they have fetched very good money but they usually get listed high and end up selling at a much lower price.

Im not really sure why but it has been like that for as long as I can remember.

Anyway if you are interested in this Fiberfab Valkyrie Project Car For Sale the listing can be found here