Fuhr Motors Osage

I’ve recently mentioned the Siva Saluki as well as the Charger (UK kitcar)… Well, it looks like there’s yet another in this stylistic series, the “Fuhr Motors Osage”, a kit from the eighties built (to the best of my knowledge), using the foamcore methods championed by RQ Riley.


If anyone knows anything more about this ultra-rare car (or the other two I mentioned), please drop me a line with the information and/or pictures!

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  1. dano says:

    the car in the fuhr motors osage,I believe it was called an azteck,I don’t recall the maker

  2. mark andrew of portugal says:

    This Fuhr Osage largely resembles a 1986 FIBERFAB AZTEC SPYDER sports car made in Miami in Florida USA.
    Options include any domestic V8 engines or Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit/Beetle powerplants and platforms with all the usual refinements and equipment inside and outside them.Unless Fuhr Motors was the original makers before American Fibrefab may have swallowed them which its possible that happened. Hope this info helps.
    mark andrew

  3. jjj says:

    This looks like a Bradley gt thats been customized. Im nearly sure this is the car shown……..right!!

  4. Woodsy says:

    It looks considerably like a Talon, which I think was a Fiberfab car, but not sure. I actually saw the resemblance of the Saluki in the other post. I think the Talon was pretty well designed considering some of the designs at the time.

  5. Sergei says:

    I have the original Fuhr Osage brochure

  6. Spencer says:

    In one of my old ‘The Complete Guide to Kit Cars’ magazines it has a very small write up about the Osage.

    ‘The Osage is a two seat gull-wing GT sports car designed to assemble on a Beetle chassis. it features roll up windows, removable sun roof pods in each door, and a hinged front end. the body is constructed of foam panels sandwiched between to layers of fiberglass. The basic kit includes the complete body and inner tub, doors, inner panels, rear engine lid with intergral spoiler, upholstered dash, nose section, and assembly manual. Window glass, lights, wipers, interior, shifter, instruments, and wiring harness are available as options. Osage bodies are available in a wide selection on Imron colors.’

    Length – 175 in.
    Width – 70 in.
    Height – 42 in.
    Weight – 1500 in.
    Road clearance – 7 in.
    Seating Capacity – 2
    Storage space – 7 cu. ft. (aprox)
    Power Train – VW

  7. Spencer says:

    The body is very similar to the Talon and it looks as both use flat glass for the front windshield. The Talon was produced by Talon Auto Products in Panorama City, CA and Fuhr Motors was located in Lake Grove NY. The Talon had a write up in my 1977 and the GT 2+2 had a write up in the 1979 guide but was missing from the 1980 guide, which has the Osage write up.

  8. Billy Smith says:

    My Fuhr has passed on. I was looking at his original drawing of the car on Sunday. His family lives in Tn.

  9. John says:

    I knew the man who built the osage kit car. Ive seen the molds.

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