Handcrafted Car Assembly Manuals

Fiberclassics is always looking for ways to help owners of these great cars   On this page you will find Handcrafted Car Assembly Manuals from some of the more popular “Kit Car” Manufactures as well as some of the obscure ones. I want to thank everyone who has submitted these files and I want to encourage anyone who has a manual in their collection to scan it and email it to me.

Lets all work together to make our little community of handcrafted car enthusiasts stronger and encourage new owners to get their cars finished.

If your car is not listed here keep checking back as we will be adding new manuals as soon as they come along.

The links in red are the currently available manuals.

Handcrafted Car Assembly Manuals

Amore Cars

Bradley Automotive

Classic Motor Carriages

Elite Enterprises

  • Laser 917 – Big thanks to Gary Horan
  • Laser 49er
  • Laser GT


Herb Adams VSE


Kellison Inc.

Kelmark Engineering