I don’t usually post buggies, but I thought this one was an interesting project… As well as their sportscars, Kellison built a series of VW-based dunebuggies including the 70s Mini-T/etc style Super T, a relatively rare buggy. What makes the one that Sonny has for sale unique is that it’s undergone a front-engine conversion, set up for a small block V8, with a Jaguar rear end, drum brakes, and rack and pinion steering on a tubular chassis. The car is currently partially dismantled and ready to be picked up, and he describes it as rust-free, crack-free, and without chips.

If you’re interested, write Sonny at sonnyblanders@yahoo.com. He’s asinking $1,500 or best offer, and is located in Stockton, California. The last two pictures are of completed Super Ts (photos from the Dune Buggy Archive and The Samba).