Kit Car Insurance

You spent years building your kit car and now after all that hard work it is time to get proper kit car insurance. But who do you turn to? Well unfortunately that is not an easy answer. You have to ask yourself what you need in insurance.

Are you ok with spending 1000s of dollars to turn your old (Insert Car here) and make it a beautiful ride, only to insure it for nothing more then what the donor car is? If you spend $10,000 to restore a Manx, or a Kelmark Gt and you do that well guess what? That $1000 VW bug that is started as is what you are going to get out of it if it gets stolen or wrecked. Most Auto insurance companies care very little about how much you put into it.

Then there is the legal aspect of above. Some states not only wont let you register a kit car/dune buggy but auto insurance companies wont even insure them.

Your best option is to contact a specialty auto insurance company . There are several out there with specifically cater to custom, exotic, kit cars, etc. The rates are generally reasonable and you are insuring what you have. Most will not ask many questions in regards to value. Obviously if you try and insure your VW kit car that is worth $2000 for $20,000 it will raise a red flag . I have used Hagerty in the past and I do not think I ever spent more then $250 a year to insure.

Here is a list of  websites  you may find helpful in your kit car insurance search

Save the headache and get the right policy!

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