Kit Car Monthly Newsletter

About Kit Car Monthly Newsletter

Kit Car Monthly Newsletter was a small publication by Auto logic Publications . They started around 1980 and from what I can tell ended in 1982. In addition to Kit Car Monthly Auto logic also published The Complete Guide to Kit Cars.The editor of both the magazine and the books was Richard Kutner of California.

As the name implies this was not so much a magazine but a small newsletter. Pretty much several 8.5×11 sheets of paper folded in half. They usually consisted of 8-10 pages and featured company info, advertising, and classified section.

It was a pretty good resource back then considering that there was no internet and finding a car was not easy if it was not local.

If you have a collection of these that you would like to give to a good home let us know 🙂

Kit Car Monthly Newsletter Covers

Here are a few random covers from our collection.