Loring Design Mantis Handcrafted Cars History

Loring Design was a small company which produced the Mantis line of kit cars. Daving Loring was the founder, designer, and builder of these cars.  Just like many great kit car builders it did not appear that it was a career path he thought he would take at a young age.

He attended Wala Wala College (Pre-Med) Pacific University and Howard University . He then served in the US Army, and finally at the Art Center in Los Angeles . It was during this time that he designed several fiberglass sports cars and race car bodies. In addition he won several awards for his work.

It was out of a small shop in Sausalito California that his designs took shape. Using nothing more then a few drawings, wood, paint scrapers, and some really STINKY mud from the San Francisco Bay his designs took on shapes that were not seen in that day and age and even today kit car enthusiasts would love to drive.

Unfortunately for David several companies and individuals took advantage of him, stole is designs, and passed them off as their own. Jim Kellison, Bruce Weeks, and Roy Kaylor are some of the names you may recognize.

His designs were so unique for the time, that it would be really hard for anyone to pass off these cars as their own without getting caught. But other kit car companies took the chance. If you want to read a more in depth post on the cars you can do so here https://fiberclassics.org/david-loring-and-his-kit-cars/

Loring Design Mantis Handcrafted Cars Models

  • Mantis Targa
  • Mantis Ageon Coupe
  • Mantis Frog Pickup
  • Mantis Wedgeaero
  • Mantis Gezelle

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