Mclela Blaze Kit Car For Sale

Hey Everyone,

Just got a heads up that a Mclela Blaze Kit Car we have pics of from several years ago is currently for sale on Craigslist. Back in 2009 Shannon posted a few photos a reader submitted of a Black Mclela that was on eBay in Florida. The Car had a 2006 sticker on it so I am guessing the pics were from a few years prior. I seen the car on the interwebs and if I recall it did not sell for anywhere near the asking price today. It was a really sharp looking car. Then again I have a soft spot for that car and it is one of my “Cars that got away” as you can see here

Well fast forward to 2015 and the car has found its way to Craigslist with an asking price of $15,000 . Yup that was not a typo. $15,000 and does not look anything like it does in the old pics. Granted it does just look dusty

Here is what the seller has to say about it …

I have a kit car with a Porsche engine honestly that’s all I know right now it was a gift to me and as you can see in the pictures its been sitting for a while it will need the carbs cleaned synced and a good tune but shouldn’t need more than that…I really don’t want to get rid of it but financial problems are forcing my hand so make an offer!

I need to point out that as far as VW kit cars goes the Mclela Blaze Kit Car is about my all time favorite. There is no question about it. What Ray Lombard created is just stunning if you ask me. BUT with that being said I cant recall one that I have seen over the years that topped $7000-$8000 much less get $15,000 . Granted they do not come up for sale that often but $15,000 is not even close to what these cars are worth. But then again if someone will pay anything close to it more power to the seller.

I know a reader or two of this little website has a Blaze, so what are your thoughts on it? What do you think is a reasonable price for this car?

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  1. Josh young says:

    Wow this is crazy!!! I actually am the one who posted the car on craigslist and before you all bag on me you should know the car was given to me as a gift with no information just a price at which he said it was valued…not knowing anything about it I trusted it and posted it because I had fallen on hard times….fast forward to today the car is still in my garage and my wife has finally given permission to put it in the shop to get it running so I was looking up info on it after someone on an Instagram picture told me it was a “blaze” kit car and I find this lol I’d love any and all info you can give me thanks in advance! My email address is

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Josh,

      Its all good. I am not always PC on this blog. Been going it for a long time and have seen (and sold) so many cars. What you have is one of my all time favorites, and the “One that got away” for me. I was also the guy that posted on your IG account as I am always looking for kit cars on their.

      The car was designed by a man named Ray Lombard and was distributed by a company called QCE. It is on a VW pan. It was officially called the Mclela Blaze .

      I have a kit car magazine a red blaze was featured in still laying around. Would you like me to scan it and email it to you?

    • Chris Kowalski says:

      Josh is the car still 4 sale? Please send me a message to my Facebook page as in having problems with my cell phone I will respond back thanks Christopher kowalski from ridgefield park NJ thanks

  2. Josh young says:

    Hey Donnie for sure I’d actually really appreciate that! Like I said I didn’t know anything about it…how fast should it be? It needs a carb put back on and then it should run so I’m anxious to see….i don’t know your current status but if this is the car that got away and now here it is in your life again feel free to make an offer lol

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Josh,

      I emailed you the Article. How fast it is will all depend on what engine is in it and how its geared. From the pics I seen it looks like a 914 engine. The 914 was not known for its blistering performance but the car should move. As far as my current status goes, I am getting ready to be balls deep in a new build for price of his toys so it will get away again hahaha.

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