Hey everyone,

I have wrote about the Mexican Dune Buggy in the past and after speaking to the manufacture of it I figured I would make a quick post again since there has always been some interest in it. The Dune buggy is built by Rafael Albiter and his team at CFM Buggy Mex . This buggy is a very complete kit and is meant to be used on the aircooled beetle platform. In the future he will have a 4×4 version available for a Chevy Tracker chassis.

The price of kit is $5200 and includes the body, top, windshield, hinges, and a host of other bits. Also included is shipping from his factory to Laredo TX. From there you can arrange shipping, pick it up yourself, or arrange shipping to your location. If you are interested in this great buggy feel free to comment, reach out to me, or contact Rafael with the links I provided. Also be sure to let him know that Donnie from Fiberclassics sent you.