Miata The future of kit car builds?

Is the Miata the future of kit car builds ? We talk alot about what the future of kit cars is going to look like. What was once a market flooded with everything Air Cooled VW, turned into a market flooded with everything hacked up Fiero. On a rare occasion someone steps outside the box and does something a bit different. We have seen everything from a Mercury Cougar “Veyron” to a Lincoln “Rolls Royce.

But every once in a while people get it right. Today I want to focus on the Miata. Over a million of these cute, good handling little cars have been sold. The entire body comes off (with a little work) and leaves you with a nice bare chassis to work with. A few people have seemed to embrace this car, but most have come and gone. Here is a list of a few companies that I know of that are using the Miata today. These are in no particular order and currently I do not endorse any one company.

1. MEV Exocet – US Distributor Exomotive offers a few trim levels of an Exoskeleton style Kit Car. In addition they offer a “Vintage” DBR1 Replicar.
2. Window Sports Cars – This UK based company offers a great looking Miata based kit car. Available both in a Targa and Coupe Version.
3. Simpson Design – Jim Simpson is known far and wide as a quality kit car builder. His offerings of several Italian inspired kit cars . His turnkey prices are up there but you are getting top notch for that price.
4. Flyin Miata – Offers a selection of Miata based kits including the Catfish (Bauer Ltd. Car), Exocet, and Westfield kit cars.

We understand there are dozens of other Miata based kit cars out there and we want to know about them. If you have another feel free to post it on the comment section.

In addition I want to give a few honorable mentions. While not Miata based they are doing cool things.

1. Smyth Performance – Mark Smith is no stranger to kit cars. He along with his brother founded what eventually became Factory Five. He also co-founded Local Motors. Although he is no longer involved in Factory Five Smyth Performance has a great new series of cars based off the VW Jetta. The special order GF3 Mid Engined sports car and the Jetta UTE. The UTE has gotten so much praise in the community and its worth looking into.

2. DF Goblin – This is another Exoskeleton kit car but unlike the others this one utilizes the Chevy Cobalt as a donor. A “Naked” Goblin starts at just $4999 .

4 Responses

  1. Seth Darvick says:

    I saw the beautiful kits for the Miata. The problem for me is that the Miata is too small of a car to turn it into a supercar. Plus, it has Miata power zzzzzz. Any car can be made to go fast but the Miata would take a lot of work and money to modify.

    • Donnie says:

      Yes they are small Seth. As far as power goes the LS is a pretty easy swap and adds a good deal of V8 power to the Miata for a bit of money

  2. Marty Lane says:

    Also, v8roadsters.com offer V6 and V8 engine conversions, suspension parts etc to make a go-fast machine

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