Nice Bradley GTII on eBay

This is a good looking Bradley  GTII. Said to be 90% restored. Has new interior, original glass , and a few other things. It is a good looking car that appears to have been given a pretty decent restoration. They are one of my all time favorite kit cars ever. If it was not for the fact that there is no replacement windshield available I might have owned one a long time ago.


Anyone want to guess what the reserve is on it? I am going to say $5000

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  1. the13bats says:

    I like the 2’s so much better than the 1’s…this one looks really nice, add AC and you have a pretty sweet daily driver, I had heard before the windscreen was hard to get, so it’s unique to the Bradley 2?

  2. Donnie says:

    Yeah the windshield is unique to the GT2 unfortunately. The company that make them still has the forms but wants a 500 order minimum at $500 each to make them again.

    So make a note to self. If you see a good deal on a good condition GT2 with a cracked windshield, pass on it 🙂

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