Omna-Auto Flatbed

Omna-Auto Inc was a Seattle Washington Company that built a truck kit for a VW bug. It appears to be the same kit (or close) to a Domus Flatback

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  1. Robbie says:

    I have a Omna-Auto INC. Kit on my 1970 bug. The car has been in my family since the mid 70’s and this kit was put on in the early 80’s I believe. It got in an accident 1992 and sat on my grandmas property for 17 years. We litarally pulled the thing out of the ground and im doing a full resto on it. It’s an aluminum diamond plate flatbed with fiberglass for the back of the truck cab. It has a 5 piece baja kit. And we have Oldsmobile rallye wheels on it with BFG all terrain tires. as far as the engine goes we are doing a 2073cc engine with duel 40MM weber DCNF carbs. This is my first full restoration i’ve ever done.

    • admin says:

      I would love to see some photos of the before and after restoration. Feel free to send them over via our contact form.


  2. Hugo says:

    I’ve had this baja for about 6 years now and in doing research it seems to be anothef Omna Auto inc body kit. I’ll send a couple of pictures on the contact form.

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