On another page we touched on the many reasons you should buy a kit car. But there admittedly some reasons not to buy a kit car, such as poor resale value and the potential for improper construction. Even so, give me a kit car over a Lamborghini any day. Give me four.

Reasons NOT To Buy A Kit Car

Here are just a few reasons not to buy a kit car…

  • It may boil down to are you buying a car for looks, performance, or snootiness? Given the same amount of money being spent, kit cars offer far more in the looks and performance department.
  • If you’re buying a car because you want to show it off at a country club, perhaps a kit car isn’t the car for you. But if you’re not buying a car because you’re a snob, a kit car is what you want.
  • Not all kit cars are created equal. In most cases they will never look exactly like the car they are trying to mimic.
  • If you are not mechanically inclined this may be one of the reasons not to buy a kit car. Kit Cars do require work and if you are taking it to a shop on a regular basis they can get expensive quick.
  • A lot of kit cars are on very old chassis. In the case of VW based kit cars these chassis can be over 40 years old and will not have any of the creature comforts you are used to . Little things we all take for granted such as Power Steering, Power Brakes are just a few of the options that older kit cars will not have.
  • Replacement parts usually take a lot of work to find. Although a lot of the parts on these kit cars were off the shelf that may have been over 40 years ago. Kit Car assembly manuals may have old part numbers, manufactures, etc.

There are many reasons not to buy a kit car as you can see. but I believe the pros out way the cons by a long shot. It really just comes down to what you are expecting out of your kit car.

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