Seltzer Motor Industries Kit Cars

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  1. seth says:

    I Dig It!! I like the name too. Like Cloverfield for a monster flick. It just works. You may be expecting a little weeping girl of a car, but with the right components, seeing a Willow coming up behind you will trigger “(the fast lane change effect.)” Then it gets the “wutizzit” response. Love it!!

  2. George Alexander says:

    I am George , publisher of “The Kit Car Encyclopedia. I was fortunate to get Automechanics Certification from then Tuskegee Institute. Under the hand of Henry Pennimon, I got a healthy appreciation for a clean and well organized work space.
    In researching material for our feature article I visited Eric Seltzer and got to see the inner workings of the Willow and the minds that produced such a wonderful vehicle. The frame was race-worthy from the ground up, a fact that Eric quickly demonstrated by jacking up a corner of the car then opening and closing the doors. They worked just as if the car had been sitting on all fours, clearly proving the design’s torsional rigidity.
    Aircraft-quality wiring and a well-engineered body design rounded out the best designed kit car I’ve ever seen, bar none.
    A test drive reinforced my conclusions as Eric took a 90-degree flat turn with no discernible body lean. The contoured windshield allowed for easy conversation at 65-mph without flutter. The quality of this car has no equal, even now.
    Long live the WILLOW!

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