The Ranger GT

In the late sixties, before GT cars like the Manta Mirage and Montage, came a little car called the Ranger GT. Absolutely built on the KISS principle — as in “keep it simple, stupid” — the Ranger GT was built much like a dunebuggy — a simple one piece fiberglass body mounted on a VW bug chassis shortened by ten inches. It came with a removable top, and must have felt like driving a go kart for the street.

My friend that sent in these materials adds, “with a Kit car market dominated by high priced Cobra’s and Lambo kits it would be nice to see a company get back to the basics. Nothing against them, I have owned one myself but nowadays people spend more time building than driving.” I agree completely!

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  1. Chris French says:

    Built one in 1970-71. Didn’t have a hard top, just a soft top. Great little car. Had an Adjust-A-Drop welded into the torsion bar front end, had air shocks in rear, and installed close ratio gears in transmission. Raced in auto crosses for the Hartford Sports Car Club and won the trophy that year! Beat the ’66 Corvette that had Blue Streak tires. Had to sell it when insurance rates went up.

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