Tony ( wrote in for help in locating on of his favorite classics, the 1969 Shark, later re-released as the Machette Speedster. He writes,

Originally built back in 1969 and named the Shark this little body was intended to fit on a shortened bug chassis, having just a 86″ wheelbase. The article in Dune Buggies magazine says its style was influenced by the then Indianapolis race cars. Note the lack of any shock towers — this would have been one fast little machine with a Corvair motor. A great way to show off whatever motor you would be running, not to mention how easy it would be to work on.

The red car and picture with the driver are photo’s from 1969, the other two are from a brochure from the 90’s.

This was one of the first departures from the conventional buggy style body in the sixties. The nearest thing to a street legal go-kart for us big kids!

Safety was obviously not a big concern — notice how the driver’s head sticks above all portions of the car. Back then seat belts were not a big thing… I guess the thought was better to be thrown clear than stay with the car.

The car made a brief but unsuccessful reappearance in the 1990’s as the Machette Speedster. I missed an opportunity to buy one at that time and have been kicking myself ever since. Several years ago the molds for this car showed up on Thesamba for sale at a very reasonable price. Short on money at the time I missed my opportunity to own one of these again.

If any readers have one of these they would like to sell or know where one is regardless of condition please contact me. I would also be interested in the molds if they still exist too.