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Vandetta VW Kit Car For Sale

Hey Everyone, You don’t see many of the Vandetta VW kit cars these days. They were a pretty cool van type kit for the VW Bug. From what I can tell not many of...

Custom VW Vandetta

Okay so not really a 100% kit car these things do have their roots firmly in the tradition. I recall the heading on the old Magazine ads was something like “Whether your blasting through...

Vandetta from Gundaker

The Vandetta was produced by a Metuchen NJ called Gundaker. The labeled their kit as The Alternative to high priced, time consuming kits!

1969 Vandetta

1969 Vandetta

Robert, who’s Amante GT you can see in the entry above this one, also sends in this photo of his daily driver, a 1969 Vandetta VW Beetle conversion.