We are always looking for Handcrafted “Kit Car” Car Assembly Manuals and Information to add to our collection. Because of our long standing presence in the area of Handcrafted Cars we have been fortunate enough to have all sorts of information donated to us over the years. The current archive is very large but there is always room for more.

Wanted Kit Car Assembly Manuals and Information

Currently I am looking for kit car assembly manuals. This is an area I have slacked on over the years mainly. It has been a long standing goal of mine to have a collection of manuals. While I do currently have several hard copies, I also have several in PDF format that readers have been kind enough to send to me.

Assembly Manuals

If you are in possession of assembly manuals from any of these companies (Or others), and would other like to donate, Sell at a REASONABLE cost, or provide me a digital copy let me know.

  • Classic Motor Carriages
  • Bradley Automotive
  • Elite Enterprises
  • Classic Roadsters Inc
  • Autokit Industries
  • Fiberfab

Brochures and other literature

The largest Handcrafted “Kit Car” Companies of the day were not only manufactures of fine cars, but they were also in the publishing business. The companies I listed above were publishing powerhouses. They sold brochures, assembly manuals, decals, shirts, hats, and more. They also advertised in just about any automotive magazine that would take their money.

For this reason a lot of the literature out there is very common and while it is very interesting it does not have a great value attached to it. We would love to buy everything that comes our way but we have to be selective unless it is very inexpensive.


Kit Car Magazines

At this time I am not interested in any Kit Car Magazines such as Kit Car Illustrated or Kit Car. I have every issue in double and triple in some cases.   If you have issues of Kit Car Monthly you would like to donate or sell for a reasonable price I might be interested. I would also be interest in any of the kit car books.

If you want to donate any info to the cause I can certainly pay for shipping. I have done this dozens of times over the years.

Feel free to contact me using the contact form if you have something you need to get rid of .