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Hey Everyone,

Well as we are getting towards the end of summer we are busy rolling out some new features that will should help the kit car community a great deal. Here is a rundown of what we have going on.

  1. Kit Car Classifieds – We are rolling out a dedicated kit car classified section. Right now we have all sorts of avenues on the internet but none of them are truly specific to the kit car industry. It is our hope that this resource will get your finished or unfinished kit car to an audience that is most likely to be in the market.
  2. Kit Car Business Directory – Browse all known kit car companies in operation today. This one is tricky because as you know most kit car businesses are “fly by night” and very few have been around long enough for you to know who they are. We plan to update this one pretty frequently so the info is as up to date as possible.
  3. Kit Car Value Guide – We are really excited about this tool. We get dozens of “What is it worth” type emails monthly in regards to all sorts of kit cars. As you know prices are all over the place.  This tool is going to take into account what cars of the same type are being listed for, what the condition is, and some other proprietary information and spit out a realistic value for the car. Think of it as the KBB of kit cars. Of course this is not going to be the definitive or final answer to what your kit car is worth but it will be a realistic range based on real info and not pipe dreams. We are still in the development stage of this but hope to roll out a beta version in a few months.

In addition we are still looking for a few good people to join our team. I honestly thought this would be a much easier task then it has been . While I never thought people would line up to post on this blog, I did think there would be a few people who would have stepped up to share their knowledge with out readers. It can be just about anything as long as it is kit car related.

I also want to take a minute to say our traffic is growing more and more everyday. Last month we had just over 70,000 unique visitors view the website. This is an all time best and I expect it to keep growing.  I want to thank all of you who still come and read after all these years. We really appreciate it.

Winter will be here before we know it. We hope you all get plenty more driving in before then.

Take Care


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  1. Keith says:

    I am new to the site and happy I was able to find it. At this time I do not have the car I would like to build. I hope with this site I will be one of the many people with the car they love. Looking to build a 917 on a budget. Need a hobby to keep me from not going crazy with a wife and 3 kids.

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