Yellow Invader GT

I’ve posted a few Invaders before, but I thought this yellow one (asking price, $1,900, but I don’t think it sold) was pretty sweet looking… It looks terrible from some angles, but from the front it’s a very sexy car, and I’ve seen a few modded ones that are quite attractive from all angles…. It’s sort of a bastard child of a dunebuggy and a curvy seventies exotic I think, with emphasis on the “bastard” part.

invader-gt-1.jpg invader-gt-2.jpg invader-gt-3.jpg invader-gt-5.jpg

invader-gt-4.jpg invader-gt-6.jpg invader-gt-7.jpg invader-gt-8.jpg

This was actually the first car I saw at the Carlisle show this year!

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  1. jeff says:

    send me info on some kit cars in tx that are for sale please

  2. len beckett says:

    I will probably sell mine once I get it all completed. Driveable, but I am going to repaint. Len
    Email me at if you want some pic.

  3. Nick says:

    Sweet Car I am looking to buy a car, Please send me pics and prices of cars in the USA, Thanks.


  4. William says:

    I saw this car on craigs list an i want to buy or trade for it! contact me and let me know if you still have it or how i can go about obtaining one!!!!

  5. D jackson says:

    Do you have the yellow Invader for sale, or know who does? I live in PA, so I can ppick it up…Thanks

  6. Derek says:

    Is it still for sale?

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