About Us

Welcome to Fiberclassics! Fiberclassics was founded in 2016 by Donnie Vivier. The website was created as a way to create a renewed interest in Handcrafted Cars. It is possible you have never heard the term handcrafted car. Let me try to explain. A Handcrafted Car is also known as a Kit Car, Specialty Car, or Homebuilt Car.

These cars were very popular in the late 1960s-1980s. They were advertised in publications from Popular Mechanics to Kit Car Illustrated. Most of them simply bolted to a VW Bug Chassis, while others used tube chassis.

My story is a lot like most car guys. I can remember walking through an airport with my grandparents sometime in the early 1980s and seeing a Classic Motor Carriages Gazelle Displayed. I was only about 10 or 11 at the time but I needed to know more! So I put my address on one of the cards and stuck it in the box. A few days later I had an amazing brochure in the mail.

From there I was hooked. I had to get every kit car magazine, VW Magazine, etc every month to see what was new. I mowed a lot of lawns to get those magazines.

Fast forward 30 ish years later and I am as hooked now as I was then. The only difference if I have owned a lot of the cars I used to drool over in the magazines.

My personally mission is to get people fired about about these great cars again! I want both young and old to get as excited about them as I do. Whether you have never seen a car like a fiberfab avenger or you owned one a long time ago. I want this website to be a place that you can begin your search for your first handcrafted car, or relive the days of owning one.

I cant do any of this on my own. Share the website, share the facebook page, or share the instagram account. Let people know that this website is here. And be sure to check back often for some of the exciting stuff I plan on doing.

Now get in the garage and start building!