About Kelmark Engineering

Kelmark Engineering was founded in 1969 by Russ Keller and Randy Markham. After years of development they introduced the “Kelmark 1” which was unveiled in 1974. The car was a cross between a Ferrari 246 and a popular corvette show car that was making the rounds at the time. It was available in both VW and V8 versions.

In addition to the VW based model their was also 2 mid engine versions with ladder frames and VW front ends. One model utilized the VW transaxle while the other was a corvair transaxle. The major differences between the first version of the Kelmark and later models was smaller side windows and air vents above the door handles.

After realizing that the original Kelmark was difficult to build they shut down operations , redesigned, and re-introduced the Kelmark as the “Kelmark 2” . The changes in models included re-engineered doors, and deck lid.

The “Kelmark 2” was offered in 2 models. The “Independence” and the V8 “Liberator”

In addition to the Kelmark they also offered a car called “The Sleeper”. It was a mid-engine V8 chassis with a VW Bug Body, a V8 conversion for the corvair, and chassis kits for other popular handcrafted cars of the day.

Sometime in the mid 1970s the “Independence” was renamed the Kelmark GT .

Eventually the company was sold to Westfall Motors, and by mid 1994 the company was up for sale. As of writing this page I have not further info on what happened to the molds and tooling or if they even exist anymore. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Kelmark Engineering Molds and Tooling feel free to send us an email. We would love to know what happened to them.

Kelmark Engineering Models

  • Kelmark 1
  • Kelmark 2
  • Independence
  • Liberator
  • The Sleeper


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