We know what its like to get a kit car project with grand plans and to see it just sit around years later with very little done. We have all been there. We have also been torn on selling, or keeping because we are eventually going to get around to it. If you have been going back and forth we are here to tell you We Want Your Kit Car Project In North Carolina!

We Buy VW Kit Cars


Handcrafted Cars, Kit Cars, or any other name you like to call them have been built for many years and are available on many donor cars. We are primarily interested in the older handcrafted VW kit cars. Here is just a partial list of kit car car projects we might be interested in…

  • Bradley GT or GT2
  • Classic Motor Carriages Gazelle
  • Fiberfab Avenger
  • Fiberfab Migi
  • Fiberfab Aztec
  • Sterling Kit Car
  • VW Dune Buggy
  • VW Kit Cars
  • Invader GT
  • Fiberglass Kit Car Bodies
  • Bremen Maxi Taxi
  • Bremen Sebring
  • Cimbria Kit Car
  • Lotus/Locost 7
  • Fiero Kit Cars

As I said this is just a partial list. Also we have been working on, researching, and driving handcrafted cars and kit cars for 30 years so we know our stuff. We also understand that you may have gotten to a point that you just do not have the time or patience to continue with your project. Hopefully we can help.


We are always looking for new projects to either add to our collection or to supply parts for our readers who are missing a few bits here and there.

Just to be transparent from the start we do not pay retail or inflated prices on project kit cars. After 30 years we have a good grasp on what it costs to finish a project, and what the final value will be . We also know what sort of production numbers a lot of the older companies had and whats still out there.


So with that being said, if you have a kit car project within 500 miles of Eastern North Carolina we would love to hear from you. Send us an email today and lets see if we can make a deal!