We have had a lot of requests over the years from Fiberfab enthusiasts asking for us to make a “new” Fiberfab keychain. Well the time has come and it is now available for purchase. Our supplier really knocked it out of the park with these! They are available with a Black or Brown leather backing with a wonderful nickel, blue, and black fiberfab emblem. Just like the original emblems of the 1970s.

This is a must have for anyone with an Avenger, Valkyrie, MiGi, Jamaican, or other . These items will not start shipping till around 3/9/2022 but are now available for purchase. We do expect that these will go quickly and are priced at $19.99 per keychain with FREE shipping in the USA. Check out our store link HERE !

And in other news we do have a new batch of Fiberfab emblems in production but they have been delated a few times. They are being made but I do not have an exact timeframe right now on when they will arrive. They will be the same great quality of the others we have sold in the past 15 years.

Before you leave, have you checked out our wildly popular facebook group? If not you need to head on over there today. We have so many great discussions going on and some of the builds from our members will blow your mind. its a great place to see what other builders are doing and to maybe even learn a thing or two.

I hope your builds are coming along great and as always if you have any questions about some of the great cars on our website or even your own carĀ  send un an email using our Contact form tab above and we will get back to you as soon as we can.