Carlisle ’99 kit car show

I have tons more photos from the Carlisle 1999 kitcar show, and I figured that since this year I’m finally going and it’s, oh, seven years later, I should share some VW-based exotics picture with you. Let’s start with a yellow Fiberfab Aztec 7:

aztec73.jpg aztec72.jpg aztec71.jpg

Or how about this Bradley GT II, which should feel familiar to you:

bradley1.jpg bradley2.jpg bradley3.jpg bradley41.jpg bradley5.jpg bradley6.jpg bradley7.jpg

And here’s a Riot by Thunder Ranch.

riot1.jpg riot2.jpg riot3.jpg riot4.jpg

Finally, one of my favorite cars of all time, the Sterling (made in a wide variety of versions):

sterlin1.jpg sterlin2.jpg sterlin3.jpg sterlin4.jpg sterlin5.jpg sterlin6.jpg sterlin7.jpg sterlin8.jpg sterlin9.jpg

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  1. Karl Jick says:

    I’m interested in buying a 1980 sterling, a person has for sale. He’s asking 35,000 for it. Would be glad to send pictures of it to you if it would help give you a idea if the price is to high. Thank You

    Karl F. Jick

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