What Is Your Handcrafted Car Worth?

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  1. james wright says:

    I agree with much you have said. I own an Avenger, a 359, and a Jamaican. With values all over the scale. Most VW kits are not finished well and have low build quality from the start. For those cars your pricing is right on. Well built examples done by a professional mechanic are rare and will push the high end of your estimates. The exception to the price rule that you have stated is the Porsche 356 coupe, Speedsters, and Spyder kits they ALL exceed $10,000 and regularly see $20,000. Well built Spyders will get $30,000. Probably because the mechanical layout of the VW and Porsche are similar in many ways. To the point that a real 356 engine mates to a VW trans with no modifications. I have been trying to find a project Speedster Classic for at least 10 years and the closest I have come was a pretty complete parts roller that sold for 9k. And that was about 4 years ago. I wish I could find a Speedster kit in the price range you describe. I would by it in a hummingbirds heartbeat!

  2. Gary King says:

    69 917 Porsche kit w/ a VW engine. Is it worth anything? Guy wants $1500. Thx

  3. Kreg Jones says:

    The Devin 295 specials are continuing to rise. Do you think it is because of their use in racing? Byers’s cars are increasing in value too.

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