What Is Your Handcrafted Car Worth?

Here at Fiberclassics we get hundreds of emails every month . These emails range from what a good job we do, to where can I find a part . BUT by far the email we get most often revolved around “What Is Your Handcrafted Car Worth?” I hate responding to these emails most of the time because it really is a loaded question and generally it just hurts peoples feelings.

What Is Your Handcrafted Car Worth?

Call them what you want. Kit Cars, Replicas, Fiberglass Cars, or Handcrafted cars. These cars have been around since the 1950s. There are probably more unfinished ones out there than finished. But what are they worth? Well it depends on where you look and who you ask.

From my point of view they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and kit cars will ALWAYS be a buyers market. It does not matter how much money you have into them, what sort of fancy paint or interior you have, wheels, or whatever. You can ask whatever you want for it but that does not mean it is going to sell for anything close to it.

As a rule of thumb I value these cars in this way. This is assuming I am buying them. This goes for a car they made 3 of or 4000 of . Keep in mind that this is just the way I see things. As a buyer you may agree, but as a seller you will not..lol

For this example I am going to stick with VW Based Handcrafted Kit Cars.


    1. Body alone. No chassis, no parts, etc.  A body on its own as NO value to me. I say this because once you get a chassis, engine, and all associated parts you could be $5000-$10,000 into a car that will have almost no real resale value.
    2. Body with all body parts or a compete “NOS” Kit. These are only worth a couple $100 to me. Most of the time I would just part something like this out and that would take me forever! Because as I said above it would still need a chassis, engine, etc and would still be a very big investment . Now there can be rare cases where I would pay a little more but it would have to be something that was not made in huge numbers.
    3.  A Complete rolling project. This means the kit car is complete but may not run, drive, have rotted floors etc.  I cant stress this enough. There are always going to be big variables in this. A Bradley GT was made in really big numbers and is very common, where as a Cimbria SS was not made in big numbers. Generally on a VW chassis I would not pay more than $500-$1500 for a rolling project WITH a Title.
    4. A ready to drive VW based kit car. Here is where it hurts. I would not spend more spend more than $1500-$3000 for most of these types of cars. If it is something common like a Bradley GT, CMC Gazelle, Fiberfab Avenger, etc they are a dime a dozen. It does not matter if its the only one you have ever seen, or the only one in your town. A nice Manta Montage, Amante GT, Cimbria SS, Magnum GT, etc are not as common and I would expect to pay a bit more.

Now before I have a bunch of sellers email me telling me that I am crazy or that I am just lowering the value of their car, relax for a minute before you comment. I am only speaking on behalf of me and what I am comfortable paying. While I am not a car dealer I generally do not hold on to my kit cars for all that long. Therefore paying big money for something that I will own for a few months makes no sense.

You very well may be able to get $10,000 for your Fiberfab Avenger from the right buyer. There is always going to be that one person out there that is looking for exactly what you have. Finding that person when 50 others are tossing $3000 offers at you is the tricky part. At some point you either have to listen to the market or keep the car another 10 years and try again.

So What Is Your Handcrafted Car Worth?

4 Responses

  1. james wright says:

    I agree with much you have said. I own an Avenger, a 359, and a Jamaican. With values all over the scale. Most VW kits are not finished well and have low build quality from the start. For those cars your pricing is right on. Well built examples done by a professional mechanic are rare and will push the high end of your estimates. The exception to the price rule that you have stated is the Porsche 356 coupe, Speedsters, and Spyder kits they ALL exceed $10,000 and regularly see $20,000. Well built Spyders will get $30,000. Probably because the mechanical layout of the VW and Porsche are similar in many ways. To the point that a real 356 engine mates to a VW trans with no modifications. I have been trying to find a project Speedster Classic for at least 10 years and the closest I have come was a pretty complete parts roller that sold for 9k. And that was about 4 years ago. I wish I could find a Speedster kit in the price range you describe. I would by it in a hummingbirds heartbeat!

  2. Gary King says:

    69 917 Porsche kit w/ a VW engine. Is it worth anything? Guy wants $1500. Thx

  3. Kreg Jones says:

    The Devin 295 specials are continuing to rise. Do you think it is because of their use in racing? Byers’s cars are increasing in value too.

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