Introducing the Jakabi Abster

Introducing the Jakabi Abster

I have said this before. Kit Car fans in the UK are some lucky people. There are a lot of talented designers that create some pretty cool kit cars. Lets take the new Jakabi Abster for example. This car utilizes the MGF as the donor car (Not available in the USA) and turns it into one very sharp ride.

Paul Goldsmith is the designer of the Abster and he is not new to this. He has also created a very sharp looking Audi inspired kit car that uses the MR2 as a donor car.

The Abster had its debut over the weekend at the National Kit Car Show in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire and got rave reviews. It is the Worlds Largest Kit Car Show! The Abster in the photos is complete with custom interior and a great looking blue paint. Paul tells me since the show he has gotten many inquires and even a few orders for the Abster.

Kit Car designers in the USA take note. While the current exotics are cool cars to look at people want original. We as a people get bored seeing prancing horses, lambos, etc. We want to see something you put thought into . Something original . There is a really good reason the Vaydor has done so well, and is even being featured in the new Suicide Squad Movie.

Also as I said above “WORLDS LARGEST KIT CAR SHOW” What happened to us? We used to have some really good shows back in the day. Now we are left with Carlisle and the 8 kit cars that show up. Whats up with that? Comment below about the Abster and why you think kit car shows died off.

If you want more info on the Abster contact Paul via Facebook and let him know you seen the car on price of his toys.


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  1. Rick says:

    Now that’s a nice looking ride. Not over the top, not too mainstream. A much better effort than FF’s 818 coupe which looks designed by committee. Oh wait, it was…. 🙂

  2. Clive hill says:

    What a suburb looking MG IF OnLy I Am interested…… To

  3. Thomas Lyth says:

    Hi this must be the best looking mgf kit car on the market . What would be the price off the body kit does it come with the lights? Thanks I do not want to do the inside of car.

  4. CHRIS SHURLOCK. says:

    Nice car, can you let me know who made the seats for you?

    Cheers Chris.

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