Join the Fiberclassics Team

Hey everyone. As the year comes to an end I am working very hard to make sure that 2017 is another great year for Fiberclassics. I have been lining up some things that I have wanted to accomplish for many years and I am hoping that next year will be a growth year for the website and brand.

Join the Fiberclassics Team

Right now the Fiberclassics Team is an army of one. The website, the Facebook page, Instagram, and research is all done by me. I also get 100 -200 emails every month, usually of the “What is it worth, what is it, or where can I find…” variety. While I truly enjoy everything about it, I do feel that I have only scratched the surface of what this website can do to preserve these great handcrafted automobiles.

By now you are hopefully asking what you can do to help! Well to start I am looking for a few Bloggers. If you can use facebook or a forum you can use the wordpress blogging platform. Its pretty easy stuff and there is nothing that you will break (That I cant fix lol)

If you have knowledge in any of these areas (or even others I have not specified) email me.

  • Kit Cars, Specialty Cars, Handcrafted Cars.
  • Fiberglass repair, Mold Making, Automotive Painting.
  • Automotive Detailing.
  • Automotive Interior
  • Aircooled VW Engines and Electrical.

These are just a few areas and you do not have to be  professional in any of the fields. I welcome hobbyists with a great understanding of any of these topics.

I feel I need to put this out there now just to be clear. This website is not a money maker for me and because of that the bloggers would not be paid. This would strictly be because you are passionate about the cars we write about and you have a few hours a month you can spare. I just ask that you can dedicate enough time to write 1-2 unique articles per month on any given topic.

In addition to the above I am always looking for people to just submit detailed information and photos about any handcrafted car project you are currently working on or have worked on in the past. I love to see what people have created and am happy to share it with our readers.

If you think you are ready Join the Fiberclassics Team, and more importantly can devote a little time every month I would love to hear from you. Just use the contact form here.

I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks in advance.