Sterling Handcrafted Car For Sale In Texas

If you are anything like me you browse craigslist daily for all sorts of stuff. Tonight I came across this Sterling Handcrafted Car For Sale In Texas. Most of the time the kit cars for sale are way overpriced and usually sold by misinformed sellers. But occasionally there is a good deal that comes along worthy of being passed along to our readers.

Today is NOT one of those good deals.

Sterling Handcrafted Car For Sale In Texas

This sterling is for sale in Texas. I would love to provide you with a few photos of it from the listing but the seller apparently does not feel photos of the car is a necessary part of the listing. Instead the seller has “posted pics of what it looks like finished from cars off the web”

Here is the listing in full…

1977 Sterling GT Kit Car Looks Like a Delorean but Much Cooler!!

For sale is a 1977 Sterling GT Kit Car. There are only 200 in Texas. To title properly, you’ll need a VW chassis for titling, but you’ll also need that chassis to fix the rust in the floor panels. This car is selling “as is” with no fixing at up to $5K, but we are selling ours at $3800 OBO because of moving, and we can’t take it with us. I have posted pics of what it looks like finished from cars off the web. If you’re interested, call or text me

So lets go into this a bit. First things first. The Sterling Kit Car looks NOTHING like a Delorean. Not even a little bit. Next thing. Im not really sure where the seller came up with there are only 200 in texas. The National Sterling website does a good job of keeping track of whats out there and only a fraction of the several hundred they have listed are in Texas. And now to the price. $3800 OBO “Because we are moving” So you are saying if you were not moving it would cost more? I have routinely seen ads with running sterlings for the same price as this one with no title, needs repairs, etc.

Anyway. If you are interested in seeing what a mystery Sterling looks like here is the link. Send them a text and get some pics.