Hey Fiberfab Avenger Fans. Check out these great photos I came across of a mystery Fiberfab Avenger. If you are an Avenger fan I think you can pick out some of the things about this one that are odd. The photos are dated Dec 1968 . That is the same month that Bud Goodwin died in prison. For those of you who know about the Fiberfab Avenger but cant really tell what is different, then let me explain.

On the rear of the car you will notice what appears to be some sort of “air vents behind the wheel. I cant think of another Fiberfab Avenger that I have seen that have these. You will also notice the rear “spoiler” appears to be more exaggerated than other Fiberfab Avengers.

These photos were part of the other items I acquired that mentioned Sebastian Motor Car Company. I can only guess there is a link there but I do not know for sure. Has anyone out there ever seen another like this. Or better yet does someone have this car sitting in their garage, field, barn etc? It would be interesting to hear what anyone knows about both this Fiberfab Avenger as well as the Sebastian Motor Car Company.