Hey Everyone. Here is Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 5. I have been trying to get rid of the second Bradley GT2 body since I took all the parts off it and after two months of it just sitting in the garage taking up space I had to do something.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 5

Unfortunately that “Something” involved taking a Sawzall to it. I understand that this is not what some people would want to hear but I could not give it away (I tried) and I just did not have the room anymore.

It started with the Bradley GT2 front. Because I had it high off the ground so the chassis could roll under it I was a bit worried that the entire thing would just fall once I cut the first part off.

From the front I moved to the back of the Bradley GT2. I made a cut from under the rear wheel well and zipped across to the other side.

Then I took another chunk from the front center section and the windshield frame, dash board, ect. fell to the ground below.


After a few more cuts it was to a point where it could be moved out of the garage with ease. For now the pieces are sitting in the back yard until I can get around to cutting the rest of it apart.

The end result, while not ideal got my garage back so I can continue with the chassis .