How NOT To Sell Your Kit Car

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  1. vic smith says:

    I often believe that when someone is asking a ridiculous high price it’s because they are being very pressured by their wife to get rid of the car so they list it for a ridiculous amount just so a few months later they can say see no one will buy it so I have to keep it.

  2. Seth Darvick says:

    I feel that whoever designed the Mantis may have been high on this new kind of weed that’s too potent everyone’s smoking now. They get an “A” for effort. But take a look at that front wheel well. It’s not too well thought out.Looks as though it was a last minute modification. Plus, there are no doors. How are you supposed to get in? It will rip any guy’s nuts off. The window openings are too small. It looks as though louvers were thrown on the body and they kept it’s placement wherever they fell. Could it be a modified Invader? Also, nice Bradley 1 on ebay now.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Seth. The mantis was not a modified invader. Bruce weeks stole a Mantis body and modified it to create the “Invader. I like the looks of the car my self. It was the late 60s though lol

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