How NOT To Sell Your Kit Car

How NOT To Sell Your Kit Car

So for whatever reason you decided to sell your prized kit car. Maybe you are getting to old to get in and out of it, maybe your husband or wife decided for you, or maybe you just feel it is time to move on and “Grow Up” . Whatever the reason I feel bad for you! No really I do 🙂

When you post on craigslist or eBay here are a few things that will guarantee that you do NOT sell your kit car.

  1. No photos – Honestly why would you post your kit car for sale and not include photos?
  2. No description – In this example you posted a few photos and then you add “Call me, might trade, cash only, etc” Thats it ? Really? You want your car sold so badly that you cant even talk about it? People want to know about the car. They want to know the story behind it . Chances are they will not contact if you are too lazy to say anything about it.
  3. How you can be contacted – I get it . Some people do not want to be bothered with email, phone calls, etc. But to say “No email” just because you are too lazy to check it is a sure way to not get it sold.
  4. Price it based on emotions – You think your $500 project Bradley GT is worth $3000 because a pristine example sold at Barret Jackson 4 years ago. Or you built it in 1975 for $3000 and now you think it is worth $9000. This is a good way to NEVER get it sold. It just does not matter to most people.
  5. Using these terms – Ran when parked, needs a little work, only xxx ever made, RARE, I have $xxx into it, and so on. Nobody cares!

I really could go on and on with this. Instead I will just give you an example of an ad I just found for what looks like a decent Fiberfab Aztec GT Kit Car. …

Gt 40 Volkswagon kit car

Looking to trade

Ummm ok. You are looking to trade. I tell you what. I have a few pieces of lint in my pocket! Do we have a deal?

Comment below and show us the best sales ads you can find. We would love to see them!

3 Responses

  1. vic smith says:

    I often believe that when someone is asking a ridiculous high price it’s because they are being very pressured by their wife to get rid of the car so they list it for a ridiculous amount just so a few months later they can say see no one will buy it so I have to keep it.

  2. Seth Darvick says:

    I feel that whoever designed the Mantis may have been high on this new kind of weed that’s too potent everyone’s smoking now. They get an “A” for effort. But take a look at that front wheel well. It’s not too well thought out.Looks as though it was a last minute modification. Plus, there are no doors. How are you supposed to get in? It will rip any guy’s nuts off. The window openings are too small. It looks as though louvers were thrown on the body and they kept it’s placement wherever they fell. Could it be a modified Invader? Also, nice Bradley 1 on ebay now.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Seth. The mantis was not a modified invader. Bruce weeks stole a Mantis body and modified it to create the “Invader. I like the looks of the car my self. It was the late 60s though lol

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