Simplified Countach

This car, owned by Lars Hildingsson, is in my opinion a pretty poor example of a replica given that it looks looks basically a children’s drawing of a real Lamborghini. I mean, they didn’t even bother to do the traditional scissor doors! I hate to say it, but it was cars like this that gave kits a bad reputation.

I mean, if you’re going to go to the effort of designing a car from scratch (as this is obviously not a splashed car), do something truly original… Nobody likes a cheap copy. Anyway, a few more photos of this monstrosity (sorry Lars):

Lars did write to describe what he knew of the car:

“The car is a ‘simplified’ replica of a Lamborghini Countach based on a Volkswagen 1500. The engine is an unmodified 1500 engine. Perhaps I will replace it with a tuned engine soon. I don’t know anything about the coachwork on this car (who manufactured it, where it comes from) so I would appreciate if someone could tell me who made it.”

“It has black leather interior, with black and red leather seats and black carpeting. It has a homemade aluminum dashboard, with all the necessary gauges.”

“When I bought the car it was about 40% completed, and I have spent more than 6 months putting it together. In the beginning there was some kind of electrical system in it, but I didn’t like the way it looked so I tore it out and made a new one from scratch.”

“The engine consisted mostly of a pile of dirt when I recived it, but with help from my father I managed to make it run again. It is coupled to a VW 4-speed gearbox.”

“The current windshield is the second windshield I have bought, because this summer, when I was driving around looking at some swedish girls, the locks for the hatch over the luggagecompartment ceased to work, and the hatch flew up and smashed the windshield. Oops…”

“The wheels are Whitespoke-wheels with VW bolt pattern. The tires are Kelly Supercharger 225/60-14 in front, and 275/50-14 rear.”

“The suspension is standard VW-suspension exept that it is, somehow, made very stiff. Due to that, the body-roll is minimal, and together with the wide wheels, the light weight (870 kg; 1920 lbs) and the low center of gravity the cars roadholding is quite impressive.”

“I have a big rear wing for the car, and I have had it attached for a while, but I had to remove it again because the swedish police didn’t like it.”

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  1. miiike says:

    my god thats hideous, its like one of those cheap toy cars that are meant to look vaguely close but not close enough to worry about copyrights

  2. bd says:

    Agreed Shannon. This just makes me sad. At one time it probably had tremendous ball-shaker potential. In the “right hands”.

    Sweden eh?

    NOW I get it. 😉

  3. Arik says:

    If you were to sell it ,then wht price would u sell it for??

  4. Jazzy Jimmy says:

    I applaud the effort. Not every one has the cash or equipment to build a 20,000 kit car. Hot rodding began in the back yard by shade tree mechanics and everyday guys making due with what they had. You are missing the whole point of hot rodding when you say that just because someone did not make a cookie cutter car by throwing a bunch of money at it that it is not good enough for the popular crowd. I have more respect for some one that makes a car from the ground up, using his own design, and sticking to his vision without falling into the pressure put on by the pompous people of the world who would squash their dreams. I dare say most peoples projects would fall miserably short of Chip Foose’s perfection. The thing is Chip would appreciate the effort of any hot rodder regardless of how much money, skill, imagination, or equipment some one had. Try to have a little more class and be respectful of someone who has the balls to get out in the yard and go at it. Man your car rocks. Keep on building them. Jazzy

  5. hongbits says:

    man.. that is so stupid looking. i wouldnt pay more than the total scrap value for the metals used to make it and any other recyable items. it is not worth anything more than scrap value!!!! what a stupid fool to spend his money and TIME to make it. hahahahahahahah fail, loser, noob, lolz all come to mind

  6. GT says:

    Now let’s be honest. If you can’t afford the real thing (and they aren’t THAT expensive now) then just deal with it. Don’t try to fool people into thinking you have a real Countach, the only people you’ll fool, are fools.

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