We Are Buying Kit Car Information Brochure Collections

Hey there,

As you can imagine Price of His Toys has a pretty extensive collection of kit car literature, books, magazines, and other kit car related items. But as it is with any hobby we never have enough. We are constantly looking for anything kit car related. We are currently buying any of the following…

  • Kit Car Magazines and Books
  • Kit Car Literature
  • Kit Car Accesories

We are always interested in manufactures like Classic Motor Carriages, Elite Enterprises, Bradley Automotive, Fiberfab, Auto kit and so on. We prefer to purchase complete collections and not one piece at a time.

In addition to kit car magazines we may also be interested in other magazines that are pre- 1990 (1980 preferred) such as Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Hot Rod, Road & Track, Car & Driver, etc.

We want to be upfront and say we do not generally pay retail for anything. We have been involved in kit cars since the early 1980s and have bought and sold more kit car related information then we care to remember. We will purchase just about any anything from any manufacture. What we do not keep we generally sell on various auction sites to fund further development of this website.

If you have an kit car or automotive brochure collection you would like to sell send us an email using our contact form today.

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