68 Avenger on Craiglist

Here we go again. What I would say is another overly high priced project car. No title, running motor, and as you can see not only is there no interior, there are NO floors..haha.

Anyway if you are in Georgia and interested in this $5000 project car you can find it here http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/2893842009.html


All kidding aside, what would the readers pay for this project? I would not go much higher than $1000 but I am cheap 🙂


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  1. Rich says:

    Well no title makes it a $1000 car if it was complete with a title maybe $3500. Those holes in the floor are the A/C system lol.

  2. bats says:

    Well…the new thing spooking me is the lack of a title with many cars out there, a bill of sale will not float here in FL,
    So it runs…but appears to also need a full restoration, hum,
    You know it does have the one piece windows that many do like, I like the old style with wind wings better,
    What would I pay? I could use the front clip on my Valk so I will give 400.00 for the front clip and you can keep the rest.

  3. larry says:

    this was my first kit car build 1990 ma.sold $2700 no title to dealer never thought I would see it again.it was nice back then paint was pro build was rooky 20 years later I am pro 12+ builds frame offs etc. anyway nice site 1st time here. this is old is your site still active?

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Larry,

      Active as can be. over 25,000 visitors a month. We try and post something at least every few days and always welcome pics from our readers of builds or tips on good deals to share with everyone.

      Thanks for checking us out

      • larry says:

        sorry no disrespect meant add was 2012 I am computer novice dummy when snow melts I will list my real manxter buggy and 0 mile gellcoat Bradley 2 by then I may know how to send photos I sell complete working turn key cars and find projects like yourself have a good day.

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