Aquila after the molds…..

Just when the molds come up and we mourn the death of another grass roots kit we have this stunning example offered,
I admit I have never seen one in person and while it’s said to be styled after a BMW I see some Pantera-ish look to it too,
I could see this with AC being a cool daily driver.
This example looks very good to me if I see any downside the huge over done beveled body seams look gross, the rear seams vary in size and I would have to make that look better if I owned it.
Next bummer to me is it’s built on a 64 which makes it a swing axle and why the anemic 1300 single port?
This one isn’t road ready so even with a reserve it might be a good deal for someone, timing not right for me for this make and model,
So read the ad carefully it needs work but looks sweet what would YOU pay for it?


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