Avenger Stock Car

On the whole, this front-engine Avenger project seems a little sloppy (and I feel sorry for the seller who is letting it go for $500, after saying they’ve invested $5,000). It’s currently for sale on eBay (#160320097785) in Levittown, PA, and seems to be a stock car type chassis with the center section of an Avenger kit car slapped on. Personally, I can’t see this being worth buying since it doesn’t come with either the front or rear sections of the body — meaning an enormous amount of work would be needed to finish the project — but still, it’s an interesting idea and shows that there are some non-obvious ways of putting these cars together.

Surprisingly, this is not the first front engined Avenger that I’ve posted (and it’s certainly possible to build a low-profile sports car with a front engine setup, like the Eagle SS).

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  1. Tom Alvary says:

    What a sad thing this is. The frame is a hopelessly heavy pro-street style 4-link drag racing piece. What is the value of a sports car body on that? It also has eaten up most of the interior space. The panel work is built so heavy it looks kind of Soviet-Style. Wow. Combine that with the missing body panels, and the car is really now just a collection of parts. It has a bid on the ebay auction, and the parts on it are indeed very good. The doors and rear suspension alone are worth way more than the current $500 bid to the right person.

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